How To Make Bacon In An Air fryer

Bacon is one of the most loved foods out there thanks to a sharp and satisfying taste. While there are many different ways to cook bacon, one of the best may involve using a machine you haven’t heard of. Below is a brief guide where we discuss how to make bacon using an Airfryer.


An Airfryer was the hit of 2016 with countless celebrity endorsements. The Philips Digital Airfryer was one of the first products to hit the marketplace. However, there are now dozens of different products out there. An Airfryer fries your food using a fraction of the amount of oil it would otherwise take. It uses superheated air to spread the oil around, attaching it to the surface of your food before heating it and the food to a crisp.

Traditionally, bacon will be cooked in a microwave, on a stovetop, or in an oven. A benefit of using an Airfryer for bacon is that it is among the healthiest ways to eat it. It is the lowest fat possible way to consume bacon, making something you love that much healthier. It will end up cooking in its own fat, with excess fat being whisked away. Forget the paper towels and use a far more effective alternative.


Step 1: Gather Bacon
The first thing you will want to do is gather bacon and lay it out. Consider the thickness. The thicker the bacon, the fewer slices you will want to put into the Airfryer. In addition, the number of slices will depend on the size, make, and model of Airfryer you are using. Typically, most Airfryers can fit between 4 slices of thick bacon or up to 10 slices of thinly sliced bacon. Lay out the bacon you are going to use in batches near the Airfryer.

Step 2: Prepare the Airfryer
Your next step is to prepare the Airfryer. Now unlike with other foods, the Airfryer will not require additional oil. Typically, you will want to include around a teaspoon of oil. However, the bacon will end up cooking in entirely its own juices, saving you the need to use any oil at all! You will want to prepare the Airfryer by first cleaning out the interior and being sure to wipe away any soapsuds. Next, preheat the Airfryer to 200 degrees. It will take several minutes for your Airfryer to reach the desired heat.

Step 3: Cook Bacon
Place your bacon in the tray and insert it into the Airfryer. Typical cooking times can last from 7 to 10 minutes. The variability in time depends on a number of things. First, if you like crispy bacon, then you will want to leave them in longer. Second, if you overloaded the tray, then the cooking time will be longer. Know that regardless of how many pieces of thick bacon you have, expect the cooking time to be around 10 minutes in length.

Step 4: Repeat
After the desired time has passed inspect the bacon. If it looks ready, then remove the bacon and place in the next round. Continue in this way until all bacon is cooked. Read your user manual for the Airfryer for proper post-food cleaning instructions.


One of the biggest problems that people have when cooking bacon with an Airfryer is how it looks when it finishes. The bacon may look different from what you are used to. It may look steamed if you undercook it. You should stop cooking when you begin to see burned sections. Even if cooked to a point before it looks crispy, the bacon will provide a crisp exterior and crunchy interior that is hard to find in any other cooking method. You will be amazed at the quality of the taste and texture.

Another problem is what to do with the fat. A benefit of using the Airfryer is that the resulting grease does not include little bits of black or other impurities that are typically created when cooking bacon using other means. This means that you have far more pure grease that can be used for other cooking adventures. Many people store the fat before using it to make things like gravy.

As a final note, know that getting bacon right requires some trial and error. Your Airfryer will have a lot of options and it may take a few batches before you figure things out. In addition to this guide, there are others online including brief videos showing what the process is like.

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