How Does an Air Fryer Work and is it Worth Buying?

With the explosion of social media and rise of internet age, people are getting increasingly conscious about their health and are actively exploring healthy foods. This scenario presents a great opportunity for different entrepreneurs to start their business on these lines and deliver healthier products. There is no doubt about the fact that there is a huge potential in this market. It’s constantly growing! An air fryer is an amazing device that is turning heads these days, simply because it counters the negative aspects of deep-frying. To put it differently, you could enjoy all sorts of fried food without the negative health implications of deep frying in oil. So if you are one of those people who have been avoiding fries, onion rings, tempura and other exciting fried dishes, then it’s time to say good-bye to self-control. Now you can enjoy all of this without the fear of cholesterol and obesity. We’re going to inform you about the workings and nitty-gritty of an air fryer. You should have a clear idea of how the processes of an air fryer works different from conventional fryers. With this valuable information you will be able to make an informed decision that should eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s get started answering the question “how does an air fryer work?”.

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get rid of fat air fryingFirst of all, as it is quite evident from the name, ‘air’ plays a central role in the frying process as opposed to oil if we compare it with conventional fryer products. Basically, this kitchen appliance makes use of the super heated air to fry. It essentially utilizes something called “Rapid Air Technology”. To simplify it for you, this means the hot air gets circulated through and the temperature could go as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Now worth mentioning here is the fact that despite achieving such a high temperature, the taste might not be as identical as of deep frying. In comparison, with the use of Rapid Air Technology you could get rid up to 80 percent fatwhile frying yummy French fries, chicken, pastries and other delicious fried treats like so. Hot air is blown from all sides in the fryer; that ensures that whatever food you are frying completely gets blown through and through without missing any spots. Cooking is all about consistency and if you cannot achieve that then the whole process becomes rather frustrating when it should be a fun experience. However, air fryer manufacturers have taken the proper measures in order to prevent these disappointing things from happening to your food.

Moving further into the workings of the mysterious air fryer, it is actually very user-friendly. The cooking chamber of the air fryer plays a crucial role in the whole process as it radiates heat. It is designed in such a manner that the food you are cooking achieves an even temperature throughout. Now the question is, where does this air actually come from? The air fryer has an exhaust fan which is mounted above the chamber and ensures the even airflow. In addition to the exhaust fan, there is a grill to heat up the food. Basically an air fryer uses a combination of a grill and exhaust fan to heat and fry the food simultaneously. The inside workings of an air fryer is very similar to that of a small oven which bakes food through fan-forced heat.


Utilizing a high speed circulation fan along with the grill for heating food are the two main components that cook, or should we say “fry”, the food. This technology is actually patented, that should Food tastes better with an air fryerspeak loudly about how scientifically advanced it is. Another important thing to note here is that the combination of these two elements, known as Rapid Air Technology, also ensure that the food remains crisp on the outside, while staying juicy and tender on the inside. Those  who are worried about the texture of your fries or fish actually shouldn’t be. The fried food that comes out of an air fryer is a lot healthier due to the reduced calorie contents. The shape and texture of your food is going to actually be identical if compared with the results of deep frying. As for the taste, it will be slightly different, some say even better than deep fried food.


Some typical features an air fryer is that it also has a removable tray just like any other cooker or fryer. It looks and sounds like any other kitchen appliance, but when we get to the utility, of course some things are quite different. Another important benefit of the Rapid Air Technology is the element of speed. While other fryers take a lot of time deep-frying fish and other food, these actually tend to fully cook and fry in approximately ten minutes. Now that’s fast! The company even claims that you can have a cake baked in just about twenty five minutes, which is a lot less time than traditional way of baking.

What happens with this hot air that gets trapped in the air fryer and cooks my food? Well, you need not to worry about that! Because it gets released into the environment without any hazardous implications since it is filtered before the release. This is why an air fryer is a lot more user-friendly than its counterpart-deep fryer. In fact, there is a research that has come up regarding fires that take place as a result of using conventional deep fryers. The leftover oil from deep frying is usually tossed and wasted where as air is just air. Air fryers come with a cooling system built-in which takes care of the heated air. It actually plays a far important role in the whole process; it ensures that the air inside remains free of any contamination. Also, the internal parts of the fryer also remains cool with this system.

To sum up, an air fryer is a seemingly very simple but in actual a very complicated machine that has different processes. While it sounds a bit technical but as a consumer you should have awareness of such simple processes. My suggestion is buy an air fryer as soon as possible if you haven’t already because the benefits are endless.

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