Farberware Air Fryer Review

If you have been on the hunt for a quality air frying appliance, you will it to yourself – and everyone that you are going to cook food for – to look closely at all the Farberware air Fryer is able to bring to the table.

Certainly one of the most intelligently designed and versatile of all the different air fryer appliances available on the market today, you’re going to find this particular unit to be well engineered, easy to control, and capable of cooking food to a delicious crunchy texture in no time whatsoever – all without fear of going “overboard” on the fat and oil you eat with these fried foods.

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Not all is sunshine and roses with this particular air fryer, however, and we will take time to point out the few drawbacks (though none of them are deal breakers).

Let’s dive right in!

Initial impressions

The very first thing that you are going to notice in regards to the Farberware air fryer is that it has been designed to be as compact and as easy to use as possible without really limiting your cooking capacity at the exact same time.

The people behind this particular kitchen appliance understand that folks aren’t usually going to be firing this up to create single servings of fried foods, but instead creating fried foods for a small family – and that’s what the overall capacity is intended for.

The Farberware offers simplified controls, quick operating and heating functions, and the ability to eliminate smells, splatters, and messes while you try with a lot less oil.

Overall design and capacity

As we have highlighted above, the overall design and engineering behind this particular unit is absolutely second to none.

This happens to be one of the most versatile multi-function air Fryer options you’re going to come across on the market today. Perfect for not only frying foods but also baking, grilling, and even roasting (with little to no cooking oil added), this is a multipurpose appliance you’re going to be adding to your kitchen as opposed to a single use appliance that uses up more counter space than necessary.

With a cooking capacity of right around 2 pounds (and plenty of space for most any kind of food you’d like to fry quickly), you won’t have any trouble entertain a small group or frying foods helpfully for a family on a routine basis, either.

Ease of use

A lot of air fried or units available on the market right now promised to be dropdead simple and straightforward to use, but the truth of the matter is they usually aren’t – and almost always bring a lot of extra complexity into the mix than absolutely necessary.

The Farberware is anything but that kind of unit.

The control scheme for this appliance is taking care of by two rotating knobs and a single power on/power off button, while still giving you complete and total control over how you cook and prepare all of your foods with this appliance.

The user interface is intuitive, and though it is a little less feature-rich than some of the other options out there you won’t have any trouble coaxing high performance out of the Farberware air fryer, that’s for sure.

Speed and consistency

Because of the intelligent heating element design, the high quality construction components, and the overall insulating properties of this unit when you are cooking with it, you will be able to air fry all of your favorite foods in no time at all and you’ll be able to use a lot less cooking oil along the way.

The consistency of the heat that this unit puts out is very, very regular. This is important for home cooks that may be dealing with appliances that aren’t quite as regular as they would like, giving you the opportunity to really dial in the perfect use for your new Farberware air fryer while being able to enjoy consistent results every time you fire it up.


• Relatively compact
• Very consistent in its output
• Offers a 2 pound capacity dishwasher safe food basket
• Comes with a fantastic warrantee


• Limited control when it comes to special features
• No Bluetooth connectivity to be controlled from smartphone devices like premium options in the space
• 2 pound capacity requires multiple batches when entertaining large groups of people

Final verdict

At the end of the day, there are plenty of different air fryer options available for you to pick and choose from. Many of them are going to promise the moon and the stars and comes to the results that they guarantee for you, but most people find that the overwhelming majority of products out there simply do not live up to or meet expectations.

The Farberware air fryer isn’t going to let you down in that respect (or any other, for that matter).

This is one of those kitchen appliance splurges you may be fighting with a little bit, especially if you aren’t sure about just how often you’ll use this particular unit. But we can tell you this – compared to traditional deep frying options (as well as most other air frying offers out there) you aren’t going to be able to get this kind of “bang for your buck” anywhere else.

And because it uses so little oil to pull off its frying results (without any sacrifice and crunch or quality, not to mention flavor) you’ll be able to enjoy fried foods without feeling guilty.

It doesn’t get much better than that, now does it?