Discover the T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry AirFryer

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T-fal FZ7002 Review

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In terms of product features, this air fryer will allow you to create fried food to a maximum overall weight of 2.2 pounds. You’ll be able to “fry” this amount of food with just one tablespoon of oil or less! As well, this unit features a super-easy, on-off switch setup, along with a count-down timer which buzzes when things are ready. The timer is digital.

Easy maintenance will be at your fingertips when you choose this popular T-fal design. It comes with the non-stick performance that T-fal is known for. The pan in this design may be detached for easy cleaning and it’s a non-stick design which is coated in ceramic. It features a lid which is very secure and won’t trigger spattering. As well, the outside of this design will stay cool for improved safety. The unit comes with a filter in order to promote cooking without bad odours.

When you order this design, you’ll receive a recipe book which includes thirty-eight recipes, in addition to a handy measuring spoon. Removable components of this air fryer and multi-cooker are dishwasher-safe.


If you love the taste of fried cuisine and want to find a healthier way to get the same effect, without oil overload, then you’ll find that this product offers a lot of advantages. This air fryer is a perfect choice for a host of recipes, including meat, fish and stir-fries and it’s also great for veggies, sweet treats and a lot more. Also, you should know that you’ll be able to make a couple of pounds of French Fries when you use this design! Just put in your ingredients, add the right amount of oil via your measuring spoon and program the timer. Then, sit back and relax as the air fryer’s pulse-heating system takes care of the air frying for you. The buzzer will let you know when everything is ready.

As you can see, this product certainly has a lot of pros. While air-fried food doesn’t taste exactly like deep-fried food, it tastes quite similar and it’s so much better for you!

In terms of cons, there aren’t many. Most real-life owners of this air fryer rate it “very good” or “excellent”. A few do have complaints, such as its stirring mechanism, which some found too slow for stir-frying effectively, and the fact that foods that are air-fried don’t taste exactly like the “real thing”. However, most are thrilled that they are able to make healthier French Fries and other yummy treats from home, without the usual high amount of grease. Most people found this small appliance very easy to use and they are quite impressed with its versatility and good looks. It’s a black small appliance with a pleasing oval shape. It doesn’t overheat on the outside, so it’s also safe, especially in contrast to a deep fryer which is loaded with boiling-hot oil.


Now that you know more about this air fryer, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether or not it’s really right for you. If you do decide to order it, you’ll probably be very happy with it. It is made by a great brand and it has all of the features that most people need. As well, it’s incredibly affordable, in light of its durability, quality and features. You should find it for about one hundred and fifty-five bucks at the lowest-price online retailer. However, prices may vary based on where you buy.

We do recommend this air fryer. It is a sensible way to find amazing, air-fried substitutes for all of your preferred foods. Once you’ve tried it, you may wonder how you every managed without it. Also, it’s an awesome gift idea for anyone who is trying to make healthier dietary choices. Naturally, it’s also a great treat to yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of mealtimes by adding this fun and functional small appliance to your kitchen. When you do, you’ll love how it performs. As well, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use and how simple it is to take care of.

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