BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer Review

BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer Review

If you have been searching high and low for a top-tier oilless fryer that will help you produce some of the most delicious deep-fried food without having to use ANY cooking oil whatsoever at a price point that won’t break your bank account, the odds are pretty good that you’ve been a little bit disappointed in your options.For one reason or another, the overwhelming majority of the top oilless fryer solutions available for sale today inevitably cost an arm and a leg – with the more budget based options definitely not something that you’d ever want to rely on regularly to help you cook your favorite foods.

BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer Review

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Thankfully though, the BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer offers you EXACTLY the kind of cooking experience you’re after without ever causing you to blow through your budget.

Instead, this amazing piece of cooking technology is going to cost you a lot less than $100 but is going to give you the same kind of cooking performance that you would have expected to out of a small appliance that cost two or three times as much.

This is a special oilless fryer for sure, and it’s one that you are going to find yourself turning to on a regular basis to prepare much healthier versions of your favorite fried foods.

To learn a little bit more about everything that this particular cooker has to offer the you’ll want to check out everything we break down in this quick BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer review below!


81xxlgb5Z2L._SL1500_[1]Unlike most of all the budget friendly oilless fryeroptions on the market today, this particular unit is capable of quick cooking from completely frozen foods – completely eliminating any of the time you needed to spend flying out your favorite foods altogether!

On top of that, though it will operate in a perfectly oilless environment (utilizing its advanced multi-angle convection ovens) you can add a little bit of cooking oil to really increase the crunchiness of your fried foods while also adding back in a lot of that deep-fried flavor you might have otherwise been missing.

It’s not at all uncommon to save close to 70% of the cooking oil that you would have used otherwise, really helping you save a lot of money while at the same time making sure that your favorite fried foods are a lot healthier, too!

Intelligently engineered, the BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer utilizes advanced heating materials and elements that can quickly come up to temperature and cook your favorite foods three times faster than in a traditional deep frying in environment – all while using a lot less energy to get the job done along the way.

These kinds of benefits are almost unheard of in the oilless fryer space, but they are standard features that you’ll be able to leverage the second that you pick up your very own BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer.


• Oversized capacity can handle up to 18 pounds of “ingredients” while still maintaining quick cook speeds

• Multi-angle convection ovens produce incredible heat that effortlessly crisps and fries your foods even if you don’t have any cooking oil

• The ability to add a drizzle of cooking oil to improve the riskiness and to boost the flavor is a big advantage of this fryer brings to the table

• Double “cooking trays” allow you to cook two different kinds of foods at one time, frying them both up at different temperatures and different speeds to prepare meals much faster

• It’s possible to fried foods (including whole chickens) in 20 minutes or less without losing any tenderness

• Everything that comes in contact with your foods is completely dishwasher safe and effortless to clean up

Pros of the AirFryer

For starters, it’s nice to know that you’re going to be able to load up the full capacity of the BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer to its limits and prepare somewhat large batches of food for up to four people at a time – something that a lot of other budget focused oil less fryers really struggle with.

On top of that, the ability to deep fry (“deep fry”, that is) your favorite foods without having to use any unhealthy cooking oils unless you absolutely want to is a benefit that cannot be overstated. You’ll be able to dramatically improve your health and your nutrition without sacrificing any texture or flavor along the way.

Finally, the double cooking trays that this unit brings to the table help you to prepare two different kinds of food in the same fryer at different temperatures and at different times to increase your capacity significantly.

Cons of the AirFryer

The cooking times for this BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer unit are relatively short, but they aren’t quite as short as some of the more advanced (and significantly more expensive) air fryer options out there.

Some have complained about the earlier generation BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer units being poorly made and not quite as durable as people would have expected them to be, but these engineering and quality control issues appear to have been resolved with the new models.



When you get right down to it, you want to be completely sure that you are investing in a quality piece of cooking equipment that makes your life – and your favorite foods – better.

We can say with absolutely no reservation whatsoever that the BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer meets those criteria with no difficulty at all. You are going to really fall in love with everything that this amazing cooking appliance brings to the table!

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