The Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer-100B Review

Many people across the globe appreciate the great taste that comes with fried foods. However, with the health risks associated with deep fried foods, many people are opting to avoid them.

Fortunately, today, the Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer-100B is here to redefine fried foods cooking experience. This kitchen accessory has been designed to change your view on fried foods. It comes with an aim of eliminating the life-threatening components of fried foods, oils; therefore, ensuring that fried foods add on some points to your long healthy life.

This high-quality hot air fryer prepares luscious, mouth-watering fried foods without neglecting your health. Its incredible features speak volumes about its performance.

Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer

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  • Rapid hot air circulation technology.

This product is expertly designed with a fast hot air cooking technology that cooks your food excellently. Its hot air flow is well-balanced to ensure any food is evenly cooked. This eliminates over combustion or undercooking of food. With this feature, you are sure of disappointment free cooking as your food will always cook to your expectations. This feature facilitates cooking of oil free meals. You no longer need to use oil to achieve crispy, smooth textured and delicious meals. Protecting your loved ones from heart diseases and obesity is, therefore, made easy.

  • 30-minute timer, an automated shut-off, and an Alert alarm.

With this Air fryer, multi-tasking while preparing your meals is allowed. These three features as mentioned above collaborate to ensure your food cooks with minimal intervention. The 30-minute timer is there to let you set the recommended cooking time for a particular meal. After cooking kicks off, and the set cooking time elapses, the machine automatically switches to standby mode, thanks to its automated shut-off component. To signal you when the food is ready, regardless of your position in the house, it comes with a loud alert alarm. These features facilitate easy cooking time, allowing you to attend to other house chores without neglecting your cooking food.

  • A variety of cooking modes.

The Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer-100B beats many Air Fryer models out there due to its ability to provide a variety of cooking methods, all under one machine. Upon purchase, you are free to bake, roast, grill and most importantly, fry your desired meals. It allows you to explore different cooking methods, thus, spicing up your cooking skills. You can now present your loved ones and guests with specially cooked meals with minimal effort.

avalon bay air fryer


  • Safety:

Using this machine to cook, helps prevent possible accidents associated with the use of oils in cooking. The traditional fryers were known to cause fires in the house due to over-heating of oil in the cooking process. This modern Air Fryer utilizes little or no oil which doesn’t pose any risk of catching fire.

With its automated shut-off and a 30-minute timer, the unit never overheats while cooking. The power supply is cut-off immediately the food gets cooked, preventing over combustion of your food.

  • Oil free meals:

A product that utilizes little or no oil is ideal for families that mind their health. This product is designed to help you prepare meals free from the life-threatening oils. Its rapid air cooking technology facilitates achieving crispy, and smooth textured fried foods, independent of oils. It, therefore, boosts your family’s health and ensures a long happy life free of diseases and obesity.

  • Excellent customer support:

The Avalon Bay Company values their customers. They provide timely customer support to their esteemed customers at any time. Whether you need a guide on operating this machine, or a solution to its malfunction, you can always rely on their help desk. Avalon Bay is willing to solve any problem related to this device. Providing a unique high-performance brand is their top priority.


oil less fryer

Getting a clear insight of the bright and dark side of a particular product eliminates surprises after purchase which are, at most times, irreversible.

Below are the pros and cons of this air fryer that should be considered before falling for it.

Pros of the Air Fryer
  • Mute:

This product is professionally designed to serve you without producing any noise. It works quietly with no noise as compared to the traditional deep fryers which are known to disturb the whole living area while working. This machine can, therefore, be used in homes with young children who require a quiet environment.

  • No grease on food:

Among the reason why people dislike the traditional deep fried foods, is the accompanying dark grease with an awful smell. The Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer-100B has conquered it all in eliminating this unpleasant grease. Its broad basket, which features some holes on its bottom, ensures all the fat on the food drips through with ease. Your fried food will always be grease free and have an appetizing smell.

  • Easy cleaning:

This product is carefully designed to ensure cleaning it, after or before cooking, is as easy as ABC. All its components are made to be dishwasher safe, thus, eliminating the struggle that comes with manual cleaning. All you need is placing them in your dishwasher and you are done. Also, its basket comes with a non-stick interior that ensures no sticking of food on its walls for easy cleaning. Its easy cleaning is one of the factors that contribute to its proficiency on the market.

Cons of the Air Fryer
  • No cookbook provided:

Among the drawbacks of this product is the absence of a free recipe booklet which is essential in improving your cooking skills while learning on how to use this machine. However, this shouldn’t trouble you as cookbooks are available on the market at throwaway prices.

  • A reasonably large basket:

Some customer’s feedbacks entail complaints on the large size of its basket. Its large size makes it quite space occupying and unsuitable for cooking small meals. However, this is an advantage to people with large families as they only need to cook once. It’s also convenient to people with ample kitchen space.


Every customer appreciates this product’s simplicity. It’s designed to be user-friendly and using it is quite easy.

For a great experience with this product, free from errors and other mistakes, take some time to go through the step by step user guide presented below.

  1. Withdraw the food basket and place all your ingredients inside it, before returning it back to its original position.
  2. Turn the fryer on by pressing the power button.
  3. Set the recommended cooking time and temperature for your given meal through the timer switch and the temperature gauge respectively.
  4. Allow the food to cook with no interruption throughout the first half of the set time.
  5. At the mid of the fixed period, toss the basket thoroughly to ensure the food cooks evenly.
  6. Wait for the food to cook for the remaining time.
  7. Upon the sounding of the alarm, the food should be ready.
  8. Transfer the food to the serving basket and present it to your loved ones for a great feasting time.

To see the full user manual click here: Avalon Bay AI-Airfryer100 Product Manual Guide


It’s clear that this product’s benefits and pros outweigh its cons. It is therefore worth the investment. It’s important to notice that it comes at a reasonable price. It’s, therefore, a product whose top priority is satisfying your needs and not necessarily making money. Get this kitchen accessory today and you are sure to take your cooking skills to a whole new level.

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