Many people enjoy having a plate or two of tasty deep-fried foods such as french fries, potato chips, and fried chicken.  Fried foods are easily some of the best meals for people running on tight schedules and tight budgets. But is eating fried foods prepared in a traditional deep fryer really worth it? This in-depth air fryer review aims to shed some light on these issues. A new product is on the rise that may push oil based deep fryers off the frontlines: an oil-less fryer or “air fryer” as they are often referred to.

Here’s our Top 5 Air Fryer Review Choices:

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Fried foods are made by submerging ingredients into dangerous, boiling oil. This causes the food to soak with a large amount of unhealthy, artery clogging oil which results in a dramatic increase in the calories and fat content of the various fried foods. When consumed in large quantities, these foods lead to complex health issues and sometimes even heart attacks. Also, many house fires and restaurant fires have been reported as being caused by deep fryers.

Fortunately today, we have made a significant step as far as safe preparation of healthy fried foods is concerned. Air fryers seem to have brought a legitimate solution to the drawbacks that were associated with deep fried foods.

air fryer reviewAn air fryer is a kitchen accessory that provides you with excellently cooked fried foods with minimal or no fat. With a quality hot air fryer, you no longer need a pan full of hot oil to achieve the best fried foods.

Anyone with a desire to have a taste of crispy textured meals, effortlessly, should consider purchasing a quality air fryer as an added kitchen accessory. It cooks your food fast through a rapid hot air circulation technology. It also eliminates the possibility of food over combustion thanks to the modern cooking technology.

However, with many brands of hot air fryers flooding the market every passing minute, identifying the perfect product to suit your needs best is no longer a walk in the park.

It’s for this reason that we set out to conduct a thorough and in-depth research on the broad variety of available air fryers, in the quest to ease your selection by providing you with a list of the highest-quality brands.

Our research was successful, and we are glad to present you with reviews on the top 15 best air deep fryers on the market currently. Read on to find the ideal model that suits your kitchen needs best.

15. Della© Electric Air Fryer

Starting off at number 15 is this high-quality oil-less fryer from Della manufacturers. Its high-performance is attributed to its professional design. It’s a recent product that allows you to prepare and enjoy fried meals without the use of oils. It features a powerful air frying technology that combines its cooking system with a rapid hot air circulation system to provide excellent meals with a crispy texture within the shortest time possible. It allows you to provide the ideal cooking conditions for a particular meal through its variable temperature control from 175- 392 degrees F. Its sturdy plastic cover on its food basket’s release button eliminates the possibility of the food basket holder dropping accidentally.It’s an ETL certified product so you can be sure of its quality and maximum safety while in use. It has a power rating of 1500 watts that allows quick and deep frying of different foods to save on your precious time. Its pan has a capacity of 4.4 quarts while its mesh basket comes with a capacity of 2.8 quarts. Finally, it comes with power and heating indicators that keep you updated throughout the cooking process.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“It makes really good onion rings and French fries!”

“I have been using this little gem now for just over two weeks, and keep finding that it continues to impress.”

14. Gowise USA GW22622 2nd Generation Electric Air Fryer

Developed by GoWise USA manufacturers, this hot air fryer ranks among the best for a few reasons. It’s a second generation air fryer model that is designed with an aim of fulfilling your desire of enjoying the most delicious fried food or snacks that are 100% free from fatty calories. It features a variable temperature control with a range of between 175 to 392 degrees F which allows you to make a variety of tasty meals from juicy wings to crispy fries with the use of no oil.

With its accurate 30-minute timer, your food will never over cook as it automatically switches to the standby mode when the set cooking time has elapsed. It also comes with a ready light to alert you when the recommended cooking temperature has been attained during preheating.  It also features a sturdy insulated detachable basket that facilitates easy transfer of your food from the fryer to the serving dish after cooking. Finally, it comes with a robust carry handle that allows easy storage and transportation from place to place.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“OMG.. This product is sooo great! My family cooks almost everything in there.”

“It’s a healthier way to cook as I Iove french fries but don’t like the grease. Highly recommend!”

13. Gourmia GTA-2500 Electric Digital Air Fryer Roaster And Griller

This is another exceptional airfryer that combines many incredible features resulting in non-comparable performance in your kitchen. This product utilizes a convection current cooking method that works by circulating air around your food, tenderizing and moistening the inside while crisping the exterior resulting in a well cooked, tasty meal. It ranks highly among  calorie reduction cooking accessories as it completely erases the need for oil frying.

It features eleven versatile attachments that spoil you with the power to utilize this product in many different ways. You are now free to bake, roast, fry, steam, grill and use other exciting cooking methods with this oil-free fryer. It comes with a non-stick interior design that prevents sticking of any food on the walls and facilitates easy cleaning after use. Begin to indulge in your favorite fried meals like egg rolls, french fries, chicken and onion rings, all with this one quality appliance.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“This is VERY easy to use, and so many little accessories with it that you can just use your imagination on.”

“The rotating basket to make French fries makes a huge difference in getting an even cook on fries. Very well made, and tons of accessories.”

12. Le Coucou Airfryer Harmony I Black Rapid Air Fryer

This outstanding cooking accessory is designed with the top priority being allowing you to make desired meals and snacks through a healthier process. It features an oil-free cooking technology that reduces your fat consumption by about 70%. This fryer eliminates all the oil smoke associated with inferior quality and life-threatening deep fryers. It’s made to be easy to operate as it features two accessible control knobs fitted with an auto-standby feature that eliminates over-combustion of food while cooking. This accessory allows you to adjust the cooking temperature from zero up to 390 degrees enabling you to set the ideal temperature for cooking different meals.

With its 60-minute countdown timer, you can now set the recommended cooking time when preparing a particular meal, while its auto-stop component ensures that cooking stops immediately when the set time is exhausted. You are free to make a variety of meals like risotto, seafood, meat and vegetables to mention but a few, with little or no frying oil. It is important to say that this product is ETL and FDA approved, so you can be sure of its quality and maximum safety while using it. You are also free to return this product to the manufacturer within the first 30 days of use if you feel that it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“It’s the best air fryer you can find at its price. I was considering a Philip air fryer, but I don’t want to spent hundreds dollars on a cooker honestly. Highly recommend.”

“This air fryer is bomb. I am air frying everything like crazy. It’s like a cooking marathon at my home. My first thoughts were , god it’s huge.”

11. Air Fryer with Digital Programmable Settings By Good Cooking

Are you tired of traditional deep fryers that result in fatty and unhealthy meals? Are you in search of a first-class air fryer to create that memorable cooking experience? Then this product is designed with your needs as the top priority. This kitchen accessory is one the wisest choices you could make in the process of living a healthy and long life. It’s a programmable air fryer that’s developed by the renown Good Cooking manufacturers. It comes with a 2.5-quart capacity, large enough to prepare a meal for the entire family.

After purchasing this quality product, you are now free to enjoy crunchy and tasty fried foods without the use of the life-threatening oils. It comes with two setting options that include a pre-programmed manufacturer’s setting that is expertly set to suit the different frying processes, and the manual alternative which in turn allows you the freedom to choose your preferred cooking time and temperature when preparing different meals. It’s an easy to use oil free fryer with a basket that is %100 dishwasher safe.  Most importantly, its enclosed cooking method ensures no splatter while your food cooks.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“I just got the Air Fryer by Good Cooking over the weekend and LOVED it! We had a big family dinner and everyone said the chicken was the juiciest they’ve ever had.”

“The food does taste like deep fried as advertised. Easy to clean – just rinse off in hot water.”

10. Philips HD9240/34 Air fryer Avance, X-Large – White

Consumers are always drawn to home accessories developed by Phillips as they are always made to meet and exceed quality standards. This just another Phillips product whose design and excellent functioning back that up. It’s a carefully designed air fryer that is developed with your satisfaction as its top priority. You now have a chance to prepare and enjoy healthy meals and snacks. It’s a product that aims at prolonging your life by eliminating the use of oils without compromising texture and the taste you desire.

Its design features a rapid high-performance air technology that evenly circulates hot air with precision and speed for quick cooking and excellent results. It features a digital touch screen user interface that allows you to vary the cooking temperature to a maximum of 390 degrees. With its preset button, you can now preserve and retrieve the recommended cooking settings for a given meal without having to set it over and over again. It also comes with a 60-minute cooking timer that allows you to set the ideal cooking time for an individual meal thus preventing over-cooking of food. Its large capacity allows you to prepare meals for a large amount of people.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

A really great product, we use it every day. Almost never fails to make any meat, steak, drum stick etc.

“I’ve made fries,chicken,and steak and they all cooked perfectly in about half the time of a conventional oven.
The food tastes fantastic and clean up is a breeze and I’m able to make healthy versions of everything I like to eat.”

9. Ivation 1500 Watt Multifunction Electric Air Fryer

A product that seamlessly blends the latest technology, sturdy construction and an excellent finish is worth ranking among the best. This air fryer by Ivation developers features the most recent advanced air technology that works magic in providing healthy, mouth-watering meals while utilizing a tablespoonful of oil or at times no oil at all. It comes with a sturdy convention fan that evenly and efficiently circulates hot air which rapidly cooks your meals to perfection.

It’s a simple to use oil-less fryer as all you need to do is press some few buttons, and within no time, you are free to enjoy delicious meals free of grease and other harmful oils. In the package, you will find a variety of recommended settings for preparing some of the most loved meals. From snacks to meat to baked food, there is a lot to enjoy from this air fryer. You are free to adjust the cooking time and temperature to suit the food that being prepared. It features a detachable Teflon basket that facilitates dispensing of the cooked food. Finally, you don’t need to monitor the cooking process as it comes with an auto-off and a built-in timer that control the entire cooking process from the beginning to completion.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“The Ivation Multifunction Air Fryer seemed to be the best choice for the money so I thought I’d give it whirl.”

“I’m writing this review after having the air fryer for just a short time. I have to say, I really like this thing.”

8. VonShef Low Fat Oil Free 10.5-QT/10-Liter Electric Health Halogen Turbo Air Fryer

This is a high-performing air fryer developed by the well known VonShef manufacturers.  All your baking, grilling, roasting and frying needs are covered by this one of a kind kitchen accessory. It prepares all sorts of vegetables and meat as quickly as necessary while maintaining their health value and their desired taste. Begin cooking with as little as one tablespoonful of oil or none at all. You’ll soon realize the great savings on the money spent on cooking oils while eliminating the health risks that come with calorie consumption.

This product comes with seven pre-set cooking program modes that suit cooking various fried meals. Also, it allows for manual settings so you can set your preferred cooking conditions to achieve your preferred results. You can vary the temperature between 120-450 degrees F a set your preferred cooking time thanks to its 60-minute cooking timer. It boasts a large cooking capacity of about 10.5 quarts.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“Turns out, the temp not getting as hot as Philips is not an issue. I’ve been making BBQ chicken and it comes out just like you had it on a real grill.”

“The unit stands about 13 inches off of the counter-top (when the lid is closed), while the main body has a diameter of about 14 inches, and it requires at least 18 inches of space (front to back).”

7. BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer

Coming in at number 7 in our air fryer review is a product definitely worth adding to your kitchen accessories. It comes with a few outstanding features that make it a one of a kind product. It features not just one but two convention fans which work together with its exclusive cooking system to efficiently circulate the hot air around your food to end up in excellent crispy results. It includes a 60-minute timer that allows you to set the recommended cooking time for different types of foods or snacks. The unit automatically switches to standby mode when the set time elapses to prevent over combustion of food. Its flexible temperature control allows you to provide the best cooking conditions for a particular meal by enabling you to set the ideal temperature. With this product, you can now prepare any meal from pizza rolls to frozen vegetables. Its temperature range is between 175-400 degrees.  Also, it features convenient indicator lights that signal you when it turns on and finally goes off when the preferred preheat temperature is attained. It has a relatively large capacity that accommodates up to eight chicken wings to serve an entire family. No oil is needed while preparing your meals as the hot air is enough to add a great crispy texture to your desired fried foods but you are free to add some little oil to suit your preference.

With this product, you can now prepare any meal from pizza rolls to frozen vegetables. Its temperature range is between 175 to 400 degrees.  Also, it features convenient indicator lights that signals you when it turns on and finally goes off when the preferred preheat temperature is attained. It has a relatively large capacity that accommodates up to eight chicken wings to serve an entire family. No oil is needed while preparing your meals as the hot air is enough to add a great crispy texture to your desired fried foods but you are free to add a little oil to suit your preference.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“It requires little to no preheat time so it’s faster than an oven, and is a lot easier to clean than an oven.”

“Using the recipe provided for homemade French fries, mine came out looking remarkably similar to the picture on the main manual. Love it!”

6. Air Fryer by Cozyna, Low Fat Healthy, and Multi Cooker (+2 Free Cookbooks!)

A product that leaves you with a clean conscience after cooking is worth the investment.  This grease-less fryer is designed to produce full flavored meals while leaving you with zero guilt of threatening the health of your loved ones as it uses no significant amount of oil to achieve incredible results. It comes as a 4-in-1 product as it allows you bake, fry, roast and grill all under one accessory. It operates under a power rating of 1500 watts to provide quick and easy cooking thus saves you some precious time to work elsewhere. Its generous capacity of 3.2 L allows you to prepare meals for the entire family. It features 30-timer that allows you to set the recommended time for cooking a particular meal. You are also free to vary the temperature by up to 392 degrees to provide the appropriate cooking conditions for various types of food. All its parts are dishwasher-safe to facilitate easy cleaning. As an added advantage, it comes with two free cookbooks that include more than 50 recipes to spice up your cooking skills.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“Of the various appliances we have in our kitchen I must say that this Cozyna Air Fryer and Cooker ranks right up at the top for being functional and extremely useful.”

“The French fries taste the same as those made from a deep fryer, and absolutely better in comparison to the standard traditional oven.”

5. Philips HD9230/26 Digital Air Fryer

As we stated earlier, the Philips Company always strives to provide you with excellent kitchen accessories. The Philips HD9230/26 is no exception. This oil free fryer features a unique digital touch screen user interface that easily facilitates temperature variation by up 390 degrees allowing you  to prepare a broad variety of fried meals. Its rapid air technology blasts your foods with hot air that quickly crisps and fries your food. This unit also includes a 60-minute timer connected to a ready signal and an automated shut-off, for easy cooking with minimal intervention.

This product comes with a dual layer rack and a 1.8 lb cooking basket, that maximize the cooking surface area to accommodate a large amount of food for a large amount of friends (or one very large friend even). All its parts are safe to toss into the dishwasher after use. Surprise your loved ones with baked roasted, fried and grilled meals at any time with this quality air fryer.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“Operation is simple. Press the power button to turn it on, then press play/pause to start/stop the oven. Set the timer and temperature at any time.”

“The food I have cooked in it comes out with a light crunchy exterior that surpasses the same food cooked in a regular oven.”

4. GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer

This 4th generation of the GoWISE Electric Fryer features an incredible design that lets you prepare your  fried foods and snacks that are free from calories as it requires no oils to achieve delicious and mouthwatering foods. Like our previous fryer this also features a touch screen technology that allows you to choose between its seven built-in smart cooking programs that are suited for preparing, meat, chips, chicken, shrimp, fish and steak. You are also free to program manually the cooking time for any food you may want to cook.

In this 4th version, you can now vary the temperature from 175- 400 degrees F. It comes fitted with an open button guard that eliminates the possibility of unintended detachment of its cooking basket, an awesome safty feature if you have small children that love to get into things.  This unit has a 30-minute timer connected to an automated shut-off feature so you don’t burn your grub. Like a few others on this list it’s an ETL certified product so you can be sure of its high-quality and maximum safety while in use. This unit comes in a 3.7 QT and 5.7 QT size.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“My husband bought this for me and I love my new toy. I’ve been looking at the Phillips air fryer for a few years and didn’t want to pay the high price for it.”

“This air fryer is incredibly intuitive and well explained in the manual (which also doubles as a recipe book).”

3. GoWISE USA Electric Air Fryer w/ Touch Screen Technology

In purchasing this ETL certified second generation high-quality electrical oil-less deep fryer, you can be assured of not only great tasting food but also easy cleanup and ease of use. It’s a kitchen accessory that will take your cooking expertise to a whole new level.  Speaking of incredible features, this product comes with a four in one compact multi-cooker that is designed for frying, roasting, baking, and grilling.  It’s accompanied with a cooking guide and a recipe booklet that instructs you on the recommended cooking time for different foods.

This cooker also includes a detachable basket fitted with an open button guard so you can’t accidently spill your hot food on your skin or the ground. We don’t want to see you crying over spilled wings. It also features a flexible temperature control that allows you to vary the temperature between 175-400 degrees F and an accurate 30-minute cooking timer that facilitates the cooking of a variety of meals (you name it you can air fry it). The advantage of easy cleaning that comes with this product is worth appreciation as it comes with a non-stick coating that prevents any sticking of food on its walls. Its outside is also easy to clean with a damp cloth. It comes in 3 colors, red, white or black.

Here’s what some consumers like you had to say about it:

“I saw this presented Mr Gadget on the Wendy Williams show and started looking to bid! This is an awesome addition for a kitchen!”

“I saw the Phillips on TV but the price was too high. Thought I’d give this unit a shot and have been very happy with it. The fries taste great!”

2. Avalon Bay Ab-Airfryer100b Airfryer

Rolling in at number 2 on our list is this affordable oil-less fryer from Avalon Bay. As with many of the other options we have listed, this fryer features Rapid Air Circulation Tech. No oil, no issues! To help keep your beautiful body protected from third degree burns this fryer has sturdy, non-slip feet and a handy 30-minute timer to switch off the fryer. These awesome features will help keep you and your food from ending up burnt to a crisp. No more need to hover over a deep fryer worrying about setting things on fire!  The removal baking pan that comes stock with this unit helps to ensure you can cook a massive variety of grease free foods. The included detachable basket also ensures easy transportation of your fresh fried food into the appropriate serving dishes and greedy mouths.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

“I received this for Christmas and have used it almost every day, since. It is an amazing, multi-purpose machine, that will bake, fry, and deep fry.”

“I have been using this little gem now for just over two weeks, and keep finding that it continues to impress.”

1. Philips HD9220/26 Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology

At the top of our air fryer review table is another product designed by the Philips Company. This is one of the most popular units on the market. This is the best of the best. This product has received great love and hundreds of positive reviews from its happy users across the globe. With this superior product, you are now free to prepare healthier and more delicious versions of your favorite fried foods in style. It boasts the ability to filter excess fat after cooking, a feature your gut will thank you for.

It also features rapid air technology that efficiently circulates air in and around your food heating it up to about 390 degrees at it’s highest temperature setting, thus ensuring your food is evenly and thoroughly cooked within the shortest amount of time possible. If you’re looking to cook foods with tender, juicy insides and crunchy fried outsides then this is the unit for you. With a relatively compact size and a weight of only 18.9 pounds, the Philips HD9220 is easy to handle and store within your kitchen space. This product is not only ideal for frying but also designed to help you in roasting, grilling and even baking any food you can throw at it. In purchasing this fryer you’ll be spoiled with choices and deciding on the perfect meal to prepare for your loved ones will be your only challenge. Create anything from healthy, finger-licking fried chicken to tasty cakes with this high-performance best selling air fryer.

Here’s what some consumers had to say about it:

Perfect for conscious eaters. Amazing, real french fries without the oil.

“I have NEVER had chicken breast cooked better, all I used was lemon pepper for seasoning and cooked about 10 minutes per side and it was perfect!”

Wrap up

All these air fryers are designed to meet and exceed high-quality and safety standards. They are developed with an aim of enabling you to prepare awesome meals without neglecting your health and fitness. Avoid risking your family’s health and safety with dangerous oil deep and go for a product that minds your health and that of your loved ones because you deserve to live a long and happy life. We hope our up-to-date and in-depth air fryer review guide helped you in your purchasing decision.